DNA Testing, The Latest Diet Method Super Advanced in 2016

DNA Testing, The Latest Diet Method Super Advanced in 2016 - Until the end of 2015, the methods used to get ideal weight range. Over the years the method of diet keeps growing. Starting from the simplest way by reducing the share of eating, exercise, blood type diet, and this last is lively with drinking water infuse.

Another way that often try to reach ideal weight is with the help of equipment, such as fitness, liposuction, mesotherapy.

DNA Testing, The Latest Diet Method Super Advanced in 2016

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Developments in technology are also contributing to bring up any new weight loss program.

The more options, it should make people wiser in choosing weight loss methods that are appropriate, safe, painless and not torture.

As revealed by doctor Silviana Tri Cahyani weight loss clinic of Light House on CHEMzine.com. He also assured that a number of methods of this diet will become a trend in the next year. "DNA test, Meta Booster and lymphatic drainage may be weight loss methods that will become a trend in 2016."
Meta is a shot of the Booster helps change the food we eat so energy reserves that help speed up the fat burning. While Lymphatic Drainage work on the lymph vessels and glands, which later will help in accelerating the burning of fat.

DNA testing myself, there is only Light House at the clinic. DNA testing is used to know the pattern of eating, a person's gene mutation, so weight loss program will be more effective because it is in accordance with the respective pibadi.

In addition to the above methods, there diet trends of this year that will still be the trends in the year 2016.

"Diet and dietary salt karbo still will be the trend in the years 2016.0," said dr. Grace Judio, MSc, co-founder of Light House clinics found some time ago on the show Meet Our LWC 2015 Winner in number of Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta.